Web Search Futures: Personal, Collaborative, Social

09:30am - 10:30am

In this talk we will discuss where Web search may be heading, focusing on a number of large-scale research projects that are trying to develop the "next big thing" in Web search. We will consider some important recent initiatives on how to improve the quality of the Web search experience by helping search engines to respond to our individual needs and preferences. In turn, we will focus on some innovative work on how to take advantage of the inherently collaborative nature of Web search as we discuss recent attempts to develop so-called "social search engines"

Short Bio: Barry Smyth is a Professor of Computer Science in University College Dublin. Barry Graduated with a PhD in Computer Science from Trinity College Dublin in 1996 and his research interests include artificial intelligence, machine learning, case-based reasoning, and information retrieval with a core focus on recommender systems and personalization technologies. In 1999 Barry co-founded ChangingWorlds as a UCD campus company to commercialize personalization technologies for the mobile sector, helping to grow the company to more than 150 people before it was acquired by Amdocs Inc. in late 2008. Today Barry is the Director of CLARITY, the SFI-funded Centre for Sensor Web Technologies, and a joint initiative between University College Dublin, Dublin City University, and the Tyndall National Institute.