Lunch & Poster Papers

Tuesday, 30th March 2010

Ranking Fusion Methods Applied to On-line Handwriting Information Retrieval

Poster Paper

Sebastian Peña Saldarriaga1, Emmanuel Morin1, Christian Viard-Gaudin2
1LINA UMR CNRS 6241, University of Nantes, France
2IRCCyN UMR CNRS 6597, University of Nantes Polytechnic School, France

Category-based Query Modeling for Entity Search

Paper Poster

Krisztian Balog, Marc Bron, Maarten de Rijke
University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Using the Quantum Probability Ranking Principle to Rank Interdependent Documents

Paper Poster

Guido Zuccon, Leif Azzopardi
University of Glasgow, United Kingdom

Biometric Response as a Source of Query Independent Scoring in Lifelog Retrieval

Poster Paper

Liadh Kelly, Gareth J.F. Jones
Dublin City University, Ireland (Republic of)

How Different are Language Models and Tag Clouds?

Poster Paper

Rianne Kaptein1, Djoerd Hiemstra2, Jaap Kamps1
1University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2University of Twente, The Netherlands