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John P Eakins

Dr. John P Eakins, Professor of Computing at the University, is director of its Institute for Image Data Research, which has attracted over £800,000 external funding in the recent years. He has over 10 years’ experience of research into storage and retrieval techniques for drawings and images. He is the author of over 30 papers on the subject, including commissioned reviews of the state of the art in Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) and trademark retrieval. He has given invited presentations on the topic of image retrieval across Europe. He has cochaired 4 years of Challenge of Image and Video Retrieval conferences. He led the ARTISAN (development and evaluation of a shape retrieval system for abstract trademark images), SPIRIT (an investigation of human perception of trademark images) and SHREW (development and evaluation of a shape retrieval system for historical watermark images in paper) projects.

Pamela Briggs

Dr. Pamela Briggs, Research Professor in Psychology, is a founder member of the Institute for Image Data Research. For 20 years, she has led a number of government and industry sponsored research projects on cognitive and perceptual aspects of human-computer communication, most recently in collaboration with the National Research Council of Canada. She is the author of numerous publications on cognitive science and human computer interaction. She currently leads the Visual Query Interface project (a comprehensive study of the process of visual query formulation), and was closely involved with the SPIRIT project.

Margaret Graham

Dr. Margaret Graham, Principal Lecturer in Information Systems, has over 15 years’ experience of research and professional practice in the areas of indexing, user behaviour modelling, and system evaluation. She was principal investigator of the VISOR project (a study of the needs, characteristics, and actions of end users of visual information in the workplace) and 2 studies assessing the effectiveness and usability of CBIR. She has been active in publicizing CBIR to the wider community, particularly through her series of Get the Picture seminars

Jonathan Edwards

Dr. Jonathan Edwards, Senior Lecturer in Computing is a former Research Associate within the Institute for Image Data Research. He has worked on image processing research projects in both academic and industrial environments, and played a key part in the design and implementation of the 2nd version of the ARTISAN trademark retrieval system. His current interests include developing novel techniques for data visualization.

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