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Mark Sanderson

Dr. Mark Sanderson is a senior lecturer in the Information Studies Department. He is on the editorial board of the 4 major information retrieval journals: ACM TOIS, JASIST, IP&M, and IR. Currently, he is the joint co-ordinator of the EU RTD project, Clarity, developing Cross language information retrieval tools. He is Sheffield principal investigator two more EU projects as well as principal investigator of Eurovision: an EPSRC funded project on cross language image retrieval, which at its core has created and released a test collection, and fostered research (by others) on it. Dr. Sanderson is on the EPSRC College and will be general chair of ACM SIGIR 2004. Micheline Beaulieu is Professor in Information Science at the University of Sheffield. She was involved in the interface development and evaluation of the Okapi advanced retrieval system and conducted a number of experiments on approaches to query expansion in operational and laboratory settings focusing on the relationships between search interaction, interface and retrieval issues.

Daniela Petrelli

Dr. Daniela Petrelli joined Sheffield relatively recently. Formerly she was senior researcher at ITC-Irst, one of the most important centres for advanced technology in Europe. Dr. Petrelli has over 10 years experience researching Human- Computer Interaction where she investigated Intelligent Interfaces, Natural Language and Multimodal Interaction, User Centred System Design and Social Interaction. Her interests are in user involvement in system design and development: user requirement analysis, participatory design, interface design, user testing and evaluation.

Steve Whittaker

Dr. Steve Whittaker is Professor of Information Retrieval in the Information Studies Department. His research interests include development and evaluation of information retrieval interfaces, personal information management and computer supported co-operative work. He has returned to academia after 16 years in industrial research, where he researched, developed and productised novel systems for multimedia retrieval and computer mediated communication. During this time he contributed to research and development of Lotus Notes. He has published 70 refereed papers, holds 10 US patents, is on the Editorial boards of Human Computer Interaction and Computer Supported Co-operative Work, and was Chair of ACM CSCW 2000. He is principle investigator on the 8.5 million euro EU AMI project researching browsing and access to multimedia meeting records.

Hamish Cunningham

Dr. Hamish Cunningham is a Senior Research Scientist at the Department of Computer Science. Dr. Cunningham has been for the last 12 years, a researcher in NLP and knowledge technologies. He has participated in numerous national and European R&D projects, published widely and contributed to the organising and programme committees of a wide variety of conferences and workshops. He researches in Software Architecture for Language Engineering, where he managed the development of the General Architecture for Text Engineering (GATE) used in numerous projects; Knowledge Management and the Semantic Web; Digital Libraries; and Information Extraction. Dr. Cunningham has been principle investigator on a number of research projects. He is currently editing a special issue of the Journal of Natural Language Engineering, and was chair/co-chair of 3 workshops in 2003. From 2004 he will be running Sheffield’s participation in 3 new projects directly relevant to the proposed MMKM network: PrestoSpace - addressing preservation and semantic indexing of 20th Century analogue multimedia materials; SEKT - an Integrated Project involving leading research organisations in knowledge technologies and the semantic web addressing next-generation knowledge management; and KnowledgeWeb - a Network of Excellence that brings together leading academic sites in semantics-based systems. This network will be a premier European forum for its field, building on the successful OntoWeb network.

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