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Alessandro Adamou
Research Associate
Further InformationEmail | Alessandro Adamou RDF/XML Description Alessandro Adamou
Harith Alani
Senior Lecturer
Further InformationEmail | Harith Alani Website Harith Alani RDF/XML Description Harith Alani
Paul Alexander
Systems & Development Manager
Further InformationEmail | Paul Alexander RDF/XML Description Paul Alexander
Lucas Anastasiou
Research Assistant
Further InformationEmail | Lucas Anastasiou RDF/XML Description Lucas Anastasiou
Michelle Bachler
Project Officer
Further InformationEmail | Michelle Bachler Website Michelle Bachler RDF/XML Description Michelle Bachler
Robbie Bays
Systems & Network Administrator
Further InformationEmail | Robbie Bays RDF/XML Description Robbie Bays
Simon Buckingham Shum
Professor of Learning Informatics
Further InformationEmail | Simon Buckingham Shum Website Simon Buckingham Shum RDF/XML Description Simon Buckingham Shum
Grégoire Burel
PhD Research Student
Further InformationEmail | Grégoire Burel Website Grégoire Burel RDF/XML Description Grégoire Burel
Elizabeth Cano
Research Associate
Further InformationEmail | Elizabeth Cano Website Elizabeth Cano RDF/XML Description Elizabeth Cano
David Castledine
Systems & Network Administrator
Further InformationEmail | David Castledine RDF/XML Description David Castledine
Smitashree Choudhury
Research Associate
Further InformationEmail | Smitashree Choudhury RDF/XML Description Smitashree Choudhury
Antonio Roberto Coelho Serra
Visiting Research Student
Further InformationEmail | Antonio Roberto Coelho Serra RDF/XML Description Antonio Roberto Coelho Serra
Trevor Collins
Research Fellow
Further InformationEmail | Trevor Collins Website Trevor Collins RDF/XML Description Trevor Collins
Joe Corneli
Ex PhD Research Student
Further InformationEmail | Joe Corneli Website Joe Corneli RDF/XML Description Joe Corneli
Harriett Cornish
Graphic Designer
Further InformationEmail | Harriett Cornish Website Harriett Cornish RDF/XML Description Harriett Cornish
Mathieu d'Aquin
Research Fellow
Further InformationEmail | Mathieu d Website Mathieu d RDF/XML Description Mathieu d
Damian Dadswell
Web Application Developer
Further InformationEmail | Damian Dadswell Website Damian Dadswell RDF/XML Description Damian Dadswell
Enrico Daga
Project Officer: Linked Data
Further InformationEmail | Enrico Daga RDF/XML Description Enrico Daga
Keyur Dave
Senior Administration Assistant
Further InformationEmail | Keyur Dave RDF/XML Description Keyur Dave
Anna De Liddo
Research Associate
Further InformationEmail | Anna De Liddo Website Anna De Liddo RDF/XML Description Anna De Liddo
Thomas Dickinson
PhD Research Student
Further InformationEmail | Thomas Dickinson RDF/XML Description Thomas Dickinson
John Domingue
Professor & Deputy Director
Further InformationEmail | John Domingue Website John Domingue RDF/XML Description John Domingue
Miriam Fernandez
Research Fellow
Further InformationEmail | Miriam Fernandez Website Miriam Fernandez RDF/XML Description Miriam Fernandez
Alan Fletcher
Business Devel / Lab Manager
Further InformationEmail | Alan Fletcher RDF/XML Description Alan Fletcher
Jaisha Gadhvi
Senior Administration Assistant
Further InformationEmail | Jaisha Gadhvi RDF/XML Description Jaisha Gadhvi
George Gkotsis
Research Associate
Further InformationEmail | George Gkotsis RDF/XML Description George Gkotsis
Ben Hawkridge
Project Officer
Further InformationEmail | Ben Hawkridge RDF/XML Description Ben Hawkridge
Drahomíra Herrmannová
PhD Research Student
Further InformationEmail | Drahomíra Herrmannová Website Drahomíra Herrmannová RDF/XML Description Drahomíra Herrmannová
Martin Hlosta
Research Assistant
Further InformationEmail | Martin Hlosta RDF/XML Description Martin Hlosta
Trung Huynh
P-time External PhD Research Student
Further InformationRDF/XML Description Trung Huynh
Julia Kantorovitch
Visiting Senior Research Scientist
Further InformationEmail | Julia Kantorovitch RDF/XML Description Julia Kantorovitch
Simon Knight
PhD Research Student
Further InformationEmail | Simon Knight Website Simon Knight RDF/XML Description Simon Knight
Petr Knoth
Research Associate
Further InformationEmail | Petr Knoth Website Petr Knoth RDF/XML Description Petr Knoth
Anna Kuzilkova
Further InformationEmail | Anna Kuzilkova RDF/XML Description Anna Kuzilkova
Jakub Kužílek
Research Associate
Further InformationEmail | Jakub Kužílek Website Jakub Kužílek RDF/XML Description Jakub Kužílek
Jon Linney
Project Officer
Further InformationEmail | Jon Linney Website Jon Linney RDF/XML Description Jon Linney
Maria Maleshkova
P-time external PhD Research Student
Further InformationEmail | Maria Maleshkova RDF/XML Description Maria Maleshkova
Alexander Mikroyannidis
Research Associate
Further InformationEmail | Alexander Mikroyannidis Website Alexander Mikroyannidis RDF/XML Description Alexander Mikroyannidis
Enrico Motta
Professor of Knowledge Technologies
Further InformationEmail | Enrico Motta Website Enrico Motta RDF/XML Description Enrico Motta
Paul Mulholland
Research Fellow
Further InformationEmail | Paul Mulholland Website Paul Mulholland RDF/XML Description Paul Mulholland
Alexandra Okada
Research Associate
Further InformationEmail | Alexandra Okada Website Alexandra Okada RDF/XML Description Alexandra Okada
Francesco Osborne
Research Assistant
Further InformationEmail | Francesco Osborne RDF/XML Description Francesco Osborne
Chwhynny Overbeeke
PhD Research Student
Further InformationEmail | Chwhynny Overbeeke RDF/XML Description Chwhynny Overbeeke
Luca Panziera
Research Associate
Further InformationEmail | Luca Panziera Website Luca Panziera RDF/XML Description Luca Panziera
Gabriela Pavel
P-time external PhD Research Student
Further InformationEmail | Gabriela Pavel RDF/XML Description Gabriela Pavel
Samuel Pearce
Technical Support Staff
Further InformationEmail | Samuel Pearce RDF/XML Description Samuel Pearce
Carlos Pedrinaci
Research Fellow
Further InformationEmail | Carlos Pedrinaci Website Carlos Pedrinaci RDF/XML Description Carlos Pedrinaci
Lara Piccolo
Research Assistant
Further InformationEmail | Lara Piccolo RDF/XML Description Lara Piccolo
Brian Plüss
Research Associate
Further InformationEmail | Brian Plüss RDF/XML Description Brian Plüss
Kevin Quick
Communications Project Manager
Further InformationEmail | Kevin Quick RDF/XML Description Kevin Quick
Kate Rippon
Project & Business Devel Support Asst
Further InformationEmail | Kate Rippon RDF/XML Description Kate Rippon
Ortenz Rose
Snr Staffing / Recruitment Coordinator
Further InformationEmail | Ortenz Rose RDF/XML Description Ortenz Rose
Stefan Rueger
Professor of Knowledge Media
Further InformationEmail | Stefan Rueger RDF/XML Description Stefan Rueger
Hassan Saif
PhD Research Student
Further InformationEmail | Hassan Saif Website Hassan Saif RDF/XML Description Hassan Saif
Peter Scott
KMi Director
Further InformationEmail | Peter Scott Website Peter Scott RDF/XML Description Peter Scott
Duygu Simsek
PhD Research Student
Further InformationEmail | Duygu Simsek Website Duygu Simsek RDF/XML Description Duygu Simsek
Karen Stepanyan
Research Associate
Further InformationEmail | Karen Stepanyan RDF/XML Description Karen Stepanyan
Allan Third
Research Associate
Further InformationEmail | Allan Third Website Allan Third RDF/XML Description Allan Third
Keerthi Thomas
Research Associate
Further InformationEmail | Keerthi Thomas RDF/XML Description Keerthi Thomas
Ilaria Tiddi
PhD Research Student
Further InformationEmail | Ilaria Tiddi RDF/XML Description Ilaria Tiddi
Aneta Tumilowicz
KMi Administration Coordinator
Further InformationEmail | Aneta Tumilowicz Website Aneta Tumilowicz RDF/XML Description Aneta Tumilowicz
Thomas Ullmann
PhD Research Student
Further InformationEmail | Thomas Ullmann Website Thomas Ullmann RDF/XML Description Thomas Ullmann
Chris Valentine
Project Officer
Further InformationEmail | Chris Valentine Website Chris Valentine RDF/XML Description Chris Valentine
Paul Warren
P-time External PhD Research Student
Further InformationRDF/XML Description Paul Warren
Jane Whild
Administration Manager
Further InformationEmail | Jane Whild RDF/XML Description Jane Whild
Fridolin Wild
Research Associate
Further InformationEmail | Fridolin Wild RDF/XML Description Fridolin Wild
Annika Wolff
Research Associate
Further InformationEmail | Annika Wolff Website Annika Wolff RDF/XML Description Annika Wolff
Rachel Yarrien
Executive Team Assistant
Further InformationEmail | Rachel Yarrien RDF/XML Description Rachel Yarrien
Zdenek Zdrahal
Senior Research Fellow
Further InformationEmail | Zdenek Zdrahal Website Zdenek Zdrahal RDF/XML Description Zdenek Zdrahal
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