We are pleased to have the following tutorial that was accepted for the 14th EKAW.

Introduction to Ontology Development and the Protégé-OWL Environment

Speakers: Alan Rector, Nick Drummond, Matthew Horridge, Robert Stevens, Hai Wang
Duration: Half Day/afternoon with extensive hands on experience and pre- and post- material

The major goal of this tutorial is to provide the attendees with both the theoretical foundations of ontology design and hands-on experience in the construction of ontologies with Protégé-OWL environment. In particular, the attendees will

  • Learn the basic principles and application domains of OWL based ontologies using styles developed at Manchester and in the Semantic Web Best Practice Working Party.
  • Gain hands-on experience with ontology development using the Protégé-OWL tools
  • Learn how to use the expressive power of OWL and to take advantage of its inferencing capabilities
  • Evaluate the Protégé-OWL tools and related plugins in the context of the state-of-the-art in ontology engineering, Web-based ontology representation languages and related tools.
  • Be introduced to the skills needed to participate in the growing community of user/developers of the environment
You will need:
EKAW 2004 Tutorial Chair:

John Domingue
Knowledge Media Institute
The Open University
Milton Keynes
United Kingdom

Important dates:

Deadline for proposals: April 1st 2004 (closed)
Notification of acceptance: April 7th 2004 (closed)
Camera-ready tutorial notes: September 1st 2004