University of Brighton


Peter Enser

Dr. Peter Enser is Professor of Information Science and Head of Research in the School of Computing, Mathematical & Information Sciences. His research interests in information retrieval have become focused in recent years on subject access to visually-encoded knowledge. His publications and conference presentations have addressed international communities in library & information science, computer science and cultural heritage, and he has directed a number of externally-funded research projects in this field. He has undertaken a variety of professional roles, including Chair of Council and President of the Institute of Information Scientists, member of the libraries, archives and information science peer review panel of the Arts & Humanities Research Board, member of the librarianship and information science subject benchmark panel of the QAA, and co-Chair of the CILIP Accreditation Board.

Lyn Pemberton

Dr. Lyn Pemberton has over 10 years’ experience of teaching human computer interaction and user-centred design. As a Principal Lecturer in the Faculty of Management and Information Sciences, she carried out requirements analysis, interaction design and evaluation activities on a range of projects. She is Course Leader for the BSc in Digital Media Development. Her major interests are in multimedia educational software and language learning technologies. She was recently involved in the EU-funded Fabula project, which developed multimedia electronic books for young speakers of European minority languages.

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