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03:50pm - 04:50pm

Biometric Response as a Source of Query Independent Scoring in Lifelog Retrieval

Poster Paper - Displayed During Lunch Session

Liadh Kelly, Gareth J.F. Jones
Dublin City University, Ireland (Republic of)

Enabling Interactive Query Expansion Through Eliciting the Potential Effect of Expansion Terms

03:50pm - 04:20pm

Nuzhah Gooda Sahib1, Anastasios Tombros1, Ian Ruthven2
1Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom
2University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

Evaluation of an adaptive search suggestion system

04:20pm - 04:50pm

Sascha Kriewel, Norbert Fuhr
University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

How Different are Language Models and Tag Clouds?

Poster Paper - Displayed During Lunch Session

Rianne Kaptein1, Djoerd Hiemstra2, Jaap Kamps1
1University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2University of Twente, The Netherlands