Poster Submissions


Interfacing Multimedia - Visualisation through Responsive Intuitive Interfaces

Janko Calic
I-Lab, Centre for Communications Systems Research, University of Surrey

In the realm of large scale multimedia content management, our work takes the complementary approach to the semantic analysis in multimedia knowledge management. Exploiting the perceptual and cognitive user aspects and the inherent structure of represented information, this approach tries to maximise the amount of visual information conveyed, yet maintaining the intuitiveness and readability of the multimedia representation. Furthermore, in order to respond to the demands of the real-world applications for responsive interfaces, the aim is to generate such visual representations in an efficient and robust way. In the presented example of large-scale video summarisation, this complex task has been achieved by analysis of the medium's narrative structure that has been efficiently mapped to the intuitive comic-like layout of key-frame video representation by fast discrete optimisation of spatial resources. Finally, an overview of research activities in the area of multimedia management within the I-Lab at University of Surrey is presented.

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