The Knowledge Media Institute (KMi) was set up in 1995 in recognition of the need for The Open University to be at the forefront of research and development in a convergence of areas that impacted on the OU's very nature: Cognitive and Learning Sciences, Artificial Intelligence and Semantic Technologies, and Multimedia. We chose to call this convergence Knowledge Media.


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Keyur Dave - Photograph

I am a Research Manager for the Knowledge Media Institute where I have been employed for 7 years. As a department, we have seen recent success with 9 awarded H2020 projects (6 in a partner...

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Lucas Anastasiou - Photograph

I am working on CORE project ( I daily work on maintaining CORE service, continuously enhancing it with new features and developing new services for it. Me and my...

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Herrmannova, D., Knoth, P. and Patton, R. (2018) Analyzing Citation-Distance Networks for Evaluating Publication Impact, 11th edition of the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC 2018)


Herrmannova, D., Knoth, P. and Patton, R. (2018) Do Citations and Readership Identify Seminal Publications?, Scientometrics


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Future Seminars

Prof. Fabio Ciravegna

Tracking Mobility in large metropolitan areas via their citizens

This event will take place on Thursday 18 January 2018

Prof. Fabio Ciravegna - Department of Computer Science, The University of Sheffield

Around 50% of the global population live in metropolitan areas, and this is likely to grow to 75% by 2050. Across Europe cities are stable aggregates with large expanding suburbs. These...

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Recent Seminars

Marc Smith - Connected Action Consulting Group
Charting Collections of Connections in Social Media: Creating Maps and Measures with NodeXL
This event took place on Tuesday 14 November 2017


Dr Taha Yasseri - University of Oxford
Semantic Map of Sexism: Topic Modelling of the Everyday Sexism Content
This event took place on Monday 13 November 2017

Henry Lieberman - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Understanding Stories with Large-Scale Commonsense
This event took place on Friday 10 November 2017


Jon Hall - The Open University
The professional licensing of software engineers will change lives
This event took place on Thursday 02 November 2017


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