KMi is a multidisciplinary R&D lab that has been at the forefront of innovation for the past 20 years. We lead in a number of areas, including Semantic Technologies, Educational Media, Social Media Analysis, Big Data, Smart Cities, IoT and others.


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Angelo Antonio Salatino - Photograph

I am a Ph.D. Student at the Knowledge Media Institute (KMi) of The Open University in Milton Keynes, UK. My research focuses on Semantic Web, Semantic Publishing, User Modelling and Data...

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Alessio Antonini - Photograph

I work on MKInsight, a challenging project with the goal of simplifying the access to data produced by a smart city. My research addresses three main topics: urban data analysis of civic/urban open...

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"If you are or want to be a brilliant mind, this is where you want to be!"

Valentina Presutti, Institute of Cognitive Science and Technologies, Italy

"I cannot imagine going to a conference without experiencing deep scientific conversations with KMiers!"

Raphaël Troncy, EURECOM: Graduate School & Research Center, France

"Top location for SW research for decades and going strong!"

Pascal Hitzler, Wright State University, USA


Jan, Z., Third, A., Bachler, M. and Domingue, J. (2018) Peer-reviews on the blockchain, Workshop: RefResh - WORKSHOP ON REFRAMING RESEARCH at RefResh - WORKSHOP ON REFRAMING RESEARCH, Cologne, Germany

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Warren, P., Mulholland, P., Collins, T. and Motta, E. (2018) Improving comprehension of Knowledge Representation languages: a case study with Description Logics, International Journal of Human-Computer Studies

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Mikroyannidis, A., Gómez-Goiri, A., Smith, A. and Domingue, J. (2018) PT Anywhere: a mobile environment for practical learning of network engineering, Interactive Learning Environments, pp. 1-15

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Future Seminars

Dr. Matti Nelimarkka

Participation and Human-Computer Interaction

This event will take place on Wednesday 23 January 2019

Dr. Matti Nelimarkka - Aalto University, Department of Computer Science


I have explored how SIGCHI research community have explored themes that are political. I conducted thematical analysis of the research community to highlight how broad the...

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Recent Seminars

Dr. Ewan Colman
Social behavior and the spread of disease in animal populations
This event took place on Monday 10 December 2018


Dr. David Camacho - Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
A gentle introduction to Community Finding Detection Algorithms
This event took place on Friday 30 November 2018

Christopher Stahl - Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Cobra, Piranha, and Other Deadly Animals: An Overview of Publication Mining Research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
This event took place on Monday 29 October 2018


Daniel Garijo - University of Southern California
Knowledge-Powered Model Integration in Environmental and Social Sciences: Challenges and Solutions
This event took place on Friday 26 October 2018


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