The Knowledge Media Institute (KMi) was set up in 1995 in recognition of the need for the Open University to be at the forefront of research and development in a convergence of areas that impacted on the OU's very nature: Cognitive and Learning Sciences, Artificial Intelligence and Semantic Technologies, and Multimedia. We chose to call this convergence Knowledge Media.


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Enrico Daga - Photograph

I am "Project Officer - Linked Data". My main duty is the maintainance and evolution of . I am doing a PhD on linked data integration, maintenance and reuse. I was...

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Carlos Pedrinaci - Photograph

I am interested in the development of intelligent distributed systems for the Web. My research mainly builds upon results from the Semantic Web and Semantic Web Services communities, but it is also...

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Cardoso, J. and Pedrinaci, C. (2015) Evolution and overview of Linked USDL, International Conference on Exploring Service Science 1.5, Porto, Portugal

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Mikroyannidis, A., Kroop, S. and Wolpers, M. (2015) Personal Learning Environments (PLEs): Visions and Concepts Responsive Open Learning Environments, eds. Sylvana Kroop, Alexander Mikroyannidis, Martin Wolpers, pp. 1-16, Springer

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Mikroyannidis, A. and Connolly, T. (2015) Case Study 3: Exploring Open Educational Resources for Informal Learning Responsive Open Learning Environments, eds. Sylvana Kroop, Alexander Mikroyannidis, Martin Wolpers, pp. 135-158, Springer

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Future Seminars

Dr. Teresa Sancho-Vinuesa

Continuous activity with immediate feedback: a good strategy to guarantee the students engagement in online maths

This event will take place on Wednesday 04 February 2015

Dr. Teresa Sancho-Vinuesa - Open University of Catalonia

In this talk the experience of applying a new teaching strategy to a basic mathematics course at the Open University of Catalonia will be described. This strategy requires students to engage...

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Recent Seminars

Priv.-Doz. Dr. Raimund Kirner - School of Computer Science, University of Hertfordshire
A Uniform Model for Tolerance-Based Real-Time Computing
This event took place on Wednesday 03 December 2014


Prof. Dr. Gerhard Heyer - Institut für Informatik/Computer Science Department Universität Leipzig
Exploratory Search and Trend Detection
This event took place on Wednesday 19 November 2014

Dr Richard Holti - The Open University
Engaged research in healthcare - what can digital engagement offer?
This event took place on Monday 10 November 2014


Dr. Liliana Cabral - ISSL, CSIRO, Hobart, TAS, Australia
A Semantic Modelling and Ranking Approach for Agricultural Sensor Data Analytics
This event took place on Thursday 30 October 2014


Research Assistant / Associate - Data Science

Knowledge Media Institute (KMi)
£28,695 - £37,394
Based in Milton Keynes
Temporary contract for 24 months

We are looking for a researcher to work on a new EU funded project the European Data Science Academy ( which aims to bridge the current data science skills gap through three main...



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