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Multimedia and Information Systems Group at the Open University

MMIS group, Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University

The Open University (OU)'s Knowledge Media Institute (KMi) is a 73-strong interdisciplinary research laboratory. KMi undertakes high-profile advanced research and development in knowledge media: a convergence of the cognitive and instructional sciences, new media technologies for learners, human computer interaction, language technologies, multimedia search and analysis, information retrieval, text mining, artificial intelligence, semantic web and knowledge management. Nearly 70% of its funding comes from external sources including EPSRC and EU.

With the recent appointments of Stefen Rüger in 2006 and Dawei Song in 2005, the KMi has built up a growing Multimedia and Information Systems (MMIS) research group, which has 2 academics, 3 post docs, 6 PhD students and 1 Research Developer. The group spans The Knowledge Media Institute ( and Imperial College London ( with regular exchange visits and joint collaboration. We specialise in image, video and multimedia search engine research and development including underlying theory. Our most recent projects range form the mathematical modelling of information retrieval processes with quantum mechanics (a joint project with Glasgow University and Queen Mary, University of London, at a total budget of 1M) to a collaborative video search engine project PHAROS (including 12 other European partners such as France Telecom and FAST, a large search engine technology provider company, at a total budget of 10M Euro). The group's academic work is internationally recognised through a large number of publications at prestigious conferences and renowned journals.

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