UK Research Roadmap

Help us by contributing a snapshot of your research!

The MMKM network is developing a Research Roadmap to provide information for research funders, researchers, potential researchers, students, artists, industry and politicians. The Roadmap will highlight UK research in multimedia knowledge management and will seek to identify benefits, strengths, problems or difficulties related to the progress and development of research in the field.

The Roadmap is being developed in stages. This phase will identify key areas of research and represent them in a UK research "snapshot", a picture of current research activity. This information will be published as part of the MMKM Roadmap.

How to submit

You will find a rough draft of the UK research snapshot at

If you would like the representation of your research group's work to be updated (or new work to be cited), please reply to Stefan Rueger (s.rueger) by 14 Jan 2008 with
  • the work/paper/project you would like to be updated/cited

  • one or two accompanying sentences on your work, perhaps also in relation to other work

  • a short description of any funded project that you would like to see listed and where it should be listed.

As you can imagine, integrating the feedback of 50-100 researchers is a very difficult and time-consuming task. Please help by
  • Coordinating your response with colleagues in your group

  • Selecting ONE (max two) representative and high-impact work per section [do NOT send your complete list of publications]. Sections are

    • Multimedia data management

    • Knowledge representation and management

    • Knowledge-based multimedia management

    • Digital libraries

    • Metadata and automated annotation

    • Needs elicitation and user analysis

    • Multimedia search and mining systems

    • Browsing and presentation

    • Domain-specific MMKM systems

  • e-mailing your citations in BIBTEX format in-line

  • e-mailing your text as ASCII in-line [do NOT send pdf/word docs/attachments]

  • replying as soon as you can but NO LATER THAN 14 Jan 2008

  • being both critical and constructive: do give us improved passages [do NOT just say section 4.X.Z needs to be rewritten].

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