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Stefan Rüger, Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University

Stefan Rueger is a Professor of Knowledge Media at the Knowledge Media Institute of The Open University, UK, and a Visiting Principal Research Fellow at the Department of Computing, Imperial College London.

He holds a diploma in Theoretical Physics from the Freie Universitaet Berlin and was awarded a PhD in Computer Science from the Technische Universitaet Berlin (1996) for his work on artificial intelligence and, in particular, the theory of neural networks. During 1997 - 2006 he researched at Imperial College London under a number of posts ranging from Research Associate via a prestigious EPSRC Advanced Research Fellowship (1999-2004) to a Readership in Multimedia and Information Systems (2005). In 2006 Stefan joined The Open University, UK, to take up a chair in Knowledge Media.

During his research career he has built up a Multimedia and Information Systems team and is currently Principal Investigator for the UK Multimedia Knowledge Management research network and for a European Integrated Project on audiovisual search engines. His group comprises of two faculty members, two postdocs, and six PhD students, who work on problems in image, video and music retrieval, visualisation of document sets and query languages. Stefan has reviewed for seven funding bodies (five of which overseas), 19 different journals and 36 conferences (eg, area coordinator for SIGIR 2006 for multimedia and senior PC member of SIGIR 2007). He has been appointed as Visiting Scholar of institutions in France (3 months in 2005), New Zealand (3 months in 2004) and Australia (3 months in 2003). Stefan organised ECIR 2006 as general chair, co-chaired the SIGIR 2003
Multimedia IR workshop, the SIGIR 2005 Multimedia IR workshop and a series of other workshops.

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