Introduction to the Semantic Web Tutorial

26 - 30 October 2008
Video can be watched online here

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  1. Jim Hendler - Introduction to the Introduction to the Semantic Web
  2. Sean Bechhofer - An Introduction to OWL
  3. Asunción Gómez-Pérez - Ontological Engineering
  4. Aldo Gangemi - Ontology Design
  5. Fabio Ciravegna - Semantic Web Technologies for Capturing, Sharing and Reusing Knowledge
  6. Jérôme Euzenat and Natasha Noy - Semantic Interoperability
  7. John Domingue and David Martin - Semantic Web Services
  8. Jim Hendler - Linked Data: The Dark Side of the Semantic Web
  9. Mathieu d'Aquin - Using the Semantic Web

Recordings were made and encoded by Barry Norton.

Website | Barry Norton
Barry Norton is a Research Fellow in Semantic Web Services at the Knowledge Media Institute of the Open University. He has delivered several tutorials on Semantic Web Services and Semantic Business Process Management at major events, and is the co-founder of the Young Researchers Workshop on Service-Oriented Computing. His research interests concern process models and behavioural reasoning, and he has been involved in several major projects including Dot.Kom, AKT, Lyrics, DIP and SUPER. He is an active member of the STI Conceptual Models for Services working group, formerly the WSMO working group, and of the OASIS Semantic Execution Environment technical committee.