Poster Submissions


Communicating a Vision for Knowledge Sharing in Industry

A.-S. Dadzie, V. Lanfranchi1 & D. Petrelli
The University of Sheffield

Knowledge management (KM) and sharing (KS) in industry often involve the use of documents that are widely distributed temporally and geographically, stored in multiple, often cross-media formats. We illustrate the requirements for KM in aerospace engineering, where the resolution of issues related to gas turbines in service involves the formation of a team where differences occur in the types and levels of expertise. The team members must perform data analysis in both individual and collaborative mode, extracting knowledge from multiple, distributed knowledge bases, in order to collectively identify the root cause of an issue under investigation.

We have used the concept of a vision demonstrator to provide a visual, dynamic, prototype that captures users' knowledge management and sharing requirements, and communicates these to the technology providers. At the user end of the spectrum the vision demonstrator provides an interface that users are able to understand and relate to their KM and KS needs, while at the other end combining the vision demonstrator with a set of technology insertion points allows developers to identify where their tools and techniques may be plugged into an integrated system that can be used to support users' work.

Our vision demonstrator is easily and quickly modified to reflect changes in design based on discussions with users and technology providers, to capture new requirements that result from users' improved understanding of the benefits that these technologies bring to the tasks performed as part of their everyday work. Once the vision demonstrator has reached a stage where it encapsulates common understanding between users and technology providers it can then be transformed into working prototypes.

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