The Sixth Summer School on Ontological Engineering and the Semantic Web (SSSW'08)

July 6, 2008 - July 12, 2008. Cercedilla, near Madrid (Spain)

Important Dates

  • 11-Mar-2008 | Registration Opens
  • 20-Apr-2008 | Registration Closes
  • 01-May-2008 | Notification of Acceptance
  • 30-May-2008 | Deadline for Payment of Registration
  • 06-Jul-2008 | Arrival of Participants
  • 07-Jul-2008 | Start of Event
  • 12-Jul-2008 | End of event


    LispWorks LUISA
    NeOn STI International
    SUPER Vulcan Inc. X-Media
Semantic Web, Ontology, Semantic Web Services




This year the school will be sponsored by a number of European projects including LispWorks, LUISA, NEON, STI International, SUPER, Vulcan Inc. and X-MEDIA .


LispWorks allows you to develop programs in ANSI Common Lisp.

Its feature-rich IDE makes LispWorks the ideal tool for Common Lisp development and (using the commercial editions) royalty-free deployment.

LispWorks includes an advanced Common Lisp compiler, interpreter, runtime system language extensions and cross-platform graphical toolkit.


LUISA (Learning Content Management System Using Innovative Semantic Web Services Architecture) addresses the development of a reference semantic architecture for the major challenges in the search, interchange and delivery of learning objects in a service-oriented context. This entails the technical description of the solution in terms of current SWS technology, and also the provision of the ontologies, facilities and components required to extend and enhance existing learning technology systems with the advanced capabilities provided by computational semantics.


NeOn is a 14.7 million Euros project involving 14 European partners and co-funded by the European Commission’s Sixth Framework Programme under grant number IST-2005-027595. NeOn started in March 2006 and has a duration of 4 years. Our aim is to advance the state of the art in using ontologies for large-scale semantic applications in the distributed organizations. Particularly, we aim at improving the capability to handle multiple networked ontologies that exist in a particular context, are created collaboratively, and might be highly dynamic and constantly evolving.

STI International

The mission of STI International is to establish Semantics as a core pillar of modern computer engineering. It is supposed to be the leading international think tank in this field.

STI International actively takes the lead in developing new business models and in improving the way people and businesses communicate and interact.

STI International is organized as a collaborative association of inteested scientific, industrial and governmental parties of the world wide Semantic Web and Service community that share a common vision. STI International is an initiative of the European Semantic Systems Initiative (ESSI), the European FP6 Project Knowledge Web and DERI International.


SUPER addresses the ever enduring need of new weaponry in struggle for survival in buoyant business environment where profit margins dramatically plummet while competitiveness reaches the new sky high limits.

This project answers the two most urgent issues emerging from BPM:

  • shift in control of processes from IT professionals to business natives
  • carrying up business process management to a new complexity level

The major objective of SUPER is to raise Business Process Management (BPM) to the business level, where it belongs, from the IT level where it mostly resides now. This objective requires that BPM is accessible at the level of semantics of business experts.

Vulcan Inc.

Vulcan Inc. creates and advances a variety of world-class endeavors and high-impact initiatives that change and improve the way people live, learn, do business and experience the world. Founded in 1986 by investor and philanthropist Paul G. Allen, and under the direction of president and CEO Jody Patton, Vulcan oversees various business and charitable projects including real estate holdings, and investments in more than 40 companies, which include Charter Communications; DreamWorks Animation SKG; Digeo; the Seattle Seahawks NFL, Portland Trail Blazers NBA, and Seattle Sounders FC MLS franchises; First & Goal Inc.; Vulcan Productions; Seattle Cinerama theatre; Experience Music Project/ Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame; the Allen Institute for Brain Science and the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation.


X-Media addresses the issue of knowledge management in complex distributed environments. It will study, develop and implement large scale methodologies and techniques for knowledge management able to support sharing and reuse of knowledge that is distributed in different media (images, documents and data) and repositories (data bases, knowledge bases, document repositories, etc.) or that is inaccessible for current systems, which cannot capture the knowledge implicit across media.