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Euclid Officially Rated Excellent

John Domingue, Monday 24 June 2013 | Annotate
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“I have been reviewing European projects for over ten years and this is the first time I give an ‘Excellent’ rating… Congratulations! I am impressed! I also think that you are very good educators as well as researchers.”
“Congratulations first!”
“The project is well developed and has made excellent progress.”
Were the first comments from our external Euclid reviewers and our EU Project Officer at our review in Luxembourg at the end of last week.
Euclid is a 2-year project which began in May 2012 and aims to create open learning resources to support the training of professionals in the area of Linked Data. Over the first year the consortium has created a wealth of materials including: a Webinar series which now attracts over 100 live attendees per session, screencasts and high quality eBooks available as HTML, in iBook format for Apple iPads and ePub formats for other tablets including Amazon’s Kindle.
The project was highly commended for its innovative delivery of practical hands-on sessions whereby students can interact with the latest Linked Data software supporting the latest W3C recommendations. There was also very high praise for our use of Social Media - one reviewer recommended that we write an eBook on “Branding your eLearning” as we had now accumulated special expertise on how to engage with an eLearning community.
In addition to involving John Domingue, Alex Mikroyannidis, Paul Mulholland, Jacek Kopecky and Ning Li from KMi and Richard Power from Computing, Euclid also employs a three ex-KMiers who now work for other organisations. Specifically, Maria Maleshkova, now employed at KIT, Barry Norton, currently at Ontotext and Andriy Nikolov, now at Fluid Ops. Other partners in Euclid include STI Research, based in Vienna and the University of Southampton, the University of Texas at Austin, the University of Sheffield and the Universidad Simon Bolivar as associate partners/contributors.
First three chapters of our eBook will very shortly be published in the Apple Book Store as part of the OU’s research series. 

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