KMi invites external speakers to present their work to the lab. We also welcome approaches from researchers who are interested to present their work. Please contact either the KMi staff member who is working in your field, or the seminars coordinator, Anna De Liddo.

Events take place at the KMi Podium (Berrill Building, 4th Floor North) unless otherwise stated.

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Future Events

Dr Albert Meroņo

The Statistics of Stairway to Heaven: a Semantic story about Digital Humanities

Key fields in the Humanities such as History and Musicology are central in the major transformation carried by the Digital Humanities (DH). A fundamental question in DH is how humanities datasets can be represented digitally, in such a way...

Presenter: Dr Albert Meroņo
Webcast time: 11:30
Webcast date: Thursday 09 March 2017
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 Angelo Salatino

Early Detection of Research Topics

The ability to promptly recognise new research trends is strategic for many stakeholders, such as academics, institutional funding bodies, academic publishers and companies. While the state of the art presents several works on the...

Presenter: Angelo Salatino
Organisation: Knowledge Media Institute
Webcast time: 11:30
Webcast date: Wednesday 08 February 2017
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Past Events

How Blockchain Technology Will Change Industries

Hugh Halford-Thompson of BTL will give an introduction to blockchain technologies before talking in more detail about various use cases across different sectors including payments and settlement, reconciliation, and traceability. He will...

Presenter: Hugh Halford-Thompson
Organisation: Quickbitcoin
Webcast date: Tuesday 24 May 2016
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Diagrammatic Ontology Engineering

Ontology engineering is a difficult activity and requires both domain knowledge and expertise in modelling notations such as OWL. The symbolic-like nature of OWL and, even more so, description logics can pose a barrier to entry for those who...

Presenter: Dr Gem Stapleton
Webcast date: Tuesday 24 May 2016
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Insights from psychology and language how theories of human reasoning and human language are relevant to computer science

Cognitive psychology and theories of language have had an impact on the development of computer science for many decades.  Early work in cognitive psychology influenced, and was influenced by computer scientists, whilst research on human...

Presenter: Paul Warren
Webcast date: Wednesday 04 May 2016
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Transparency in Design: How far did we get from WYSIWIG?

Digital technologies are becoming the main conduit for our actions, communication, and interactions. Having a good command of adopted technologies and a good understanding of processes they enable, is essential for informed and responsible...

Presenter: Prof Natasa Milic-Frayling
Webcast date: Friday 22 April 2016
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Language of online Social Networks Detection, Diffusion, Prediction

Language exists in a constant flux: existing in the duality of social structure and the actions of the agents with the system. As a result, new words come and go from people's vocabularies - e.g. the recent introduction of `e-cig' and...

Presenter: Daniel Kershaw
Webcast date: Tuesday 15 March 2016
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