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OU Receives Grant to Combat False COVID-19 Information

Friday 03 April 2020KMi News Image

KMi’s Harith Alani, Professor of Web Science and leader of the Social Data Science group, has received a grant of €393,000 from a European Union (EU) emergency fund to track the spread of misinformation about coronavirus (COVID-19) on social media platforms. Harith and his team will track the extent of misinformation about COVID-19 in social media content so that it can be brought...


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QualiChain publishes special track proceedings

Tuesday 31 March 2020
KMi News Image

Alexander Mikroyannidis has co-edited the proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Mobile, Hybrid, and On-line Learning (eLmL 2020). The eLmL 2020 proceedings include the papers of the QualiChain Special Track on “Decentralised...


CORE welcomes a leading figure in the quest for Open Access to scientific knowledge

Tuesday 10 March 2020
KMi News Image

Last Tuesday, March 3, we were privileged at CORE to welcome a leading figure in the quest for Open Access to scientific knowledge. Carl Malamud and Petr Knoth had a very productive discussion of their work, common goals and shared their experience. What is...

A blockchain badge pilot for the IoC Conference

Wednesday 26 February 2020
KMi News Image

KMi conducted a successful pilot of the IoC blockchain-verified badges this week at the second Institute of Coding (IoC) Conference. Conference attendees were given delegate badges with blockchain technology to log their activities over the course...


CORE raises repository data quality by consolidating information from external datasets

Tuesday 25 February 2020
KMi News Image

Read about our work on going beyond mirroring content from our data providers to improve data quality. In our latest blog post, we present how we link CORE data to complementary scholarly sources and databases including Crossref, MAG, and...

Congratulations Dr Prashant Khare!

KMi gathered yesterday to celebrate Prashant Khare’s successful defence of his PhD thesis, Identifying and Processing Crisis...

Are you an iOS user? Access scientific articles in your device without hitting a paywall

Claus Wolf, with CORE’s support, has developed the OA Helper - a  brand new application, which enables iOS users to search for...

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