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Blockchain Travels

Friday 17 May 2019KMi News Image

The last few weeks has seen the KMi Director travel to give Keynotes, participate in panels and project meetings all related to KMi’s blockchain work. At the end of April there the Blockchain Expo took place at the Olympia Grand in London with over 8,000. John Domingue gave a Keynote on applying blockchains to lifelong learning. The event covered a wide range of areas with other...


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QualiChain meets in Lisbon

Wednesday 15 May 2019
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The consortium of the QualiChain project has met in Lisbon, Portugal on May 9-10. This has been the first plenary face-to-face meeting of the project, after its kick-off meeting in January 2019. Representatives from all project partners spent two days...


KMi's FOSTER eLearning platform mentioned in a Nature article about Open Science

Tuesday 14 May 2019
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A Nature article titled “Data sharing and how it can benefit your scientific career”, which discusses the importance of opening up research data and how data sharing could benefit researchers, mentions the FOSTER Open Science eLearning Portal,...

Nikos Story: Developing KMi PhD Research into a Commercial Product

Wednesday 24 April 2019
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Nikolaos (“Nikos”) Nanas completed his PhD in Artificial Intelligence (AI) at KMi in 2004. His research focused on Adaptive Information Filtering and its application to content personalisation. Inspired by the biological immune system, he...


Excellence has been reached .. COMRADES great finale

Tuesday 23 April 2019
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COMRADES project witnessed its final review at the European Commission in Brussels recently, bringing to an end the work of the project which started in January 2016. COMRADES is a €2 million European H2020 project, co-ordinated by Prof Harith Alani from...

KMi researchers' study quantifying the growing traction of Open Access featured in Physics Today

A study by Drahomira Herrmannova, Nancy Pontika, and Petr Knoth of KMI has been featured in Physics Today, the flagship publication of the...

Why does fact checking matter? @ImagineBelfast

KMi was invited to present the Co-Infom project at the event "Why does fact checking matter?" which was organised by...

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