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Polifonia, An EU Project Launch

Thursday 14 January 2021KMi News Image

The Polifonia project kick off meeting was held today. The project aims to identify and recreate connections between music, people, places and events from the 17th century to the modern day. Funded by the European Commission under the H2020 Framework Programme, project partners such as, King’s College in London, and Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences met virtually, (due to...

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KMi Has Joined The I4OA Stakeholders Group

Monday 11 January 2021
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KMi has joined the I4OA Stakeholders' Group, adding its support to their Open Abstract Initiative. This action, launched on 24 September, aims to advocate to all scholarly publishers to open the abstracts of their publications, and specifically...


KMI's CORE reaches 30 million visits per month

Tuesday 15 December 2020
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KMI's CORE has reached a new milestone of 30 million monthly active users. This follows already significant growth of CORE’s user base in 2020, as they only reported achieving 20 million monthly users in June 2020.  Read the detailed...

Developing accessible network simulation software for the visually impaired

Friday 11 December 2020
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The Association for Learning Technology (ALT) blog has initiated a COVID special collection, featuring the latest news about the PT Anywhere network simulator. PT Anywhere, which has been jointly developed by the Open University and Cisco, has recently...


Keynote and Special Track at eLmL 2020

Friday 27 November 2020
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The 12th International Conference on Mobile, Hybrid, and On-line Learning (eLmL 2020) took place online on November 21-25, 2020. eLmL is bringing together federated views on mobile learning, hybrid learning and online learning. The conference is...

Citizen science data reveals the need for keeping pollinator-friendly plant lists up-to-date

Our latest paper from BeeWatch Planting for Pollinators citizen science data has just been published in Nature Scientific...

KMi at Open Education Global 2020

The Open Education Global 2020 conference took place online on November 16-20. The Open Education Global conference is the most...

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