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FORGE - Officially Excellent!

Alexander Mikroyannidis, Tuesday 29 November 2016 | Annotate
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The FORGE project has been rated "Excellent" by the Project Officer and the review panel during the final project review, yesterday in Brussels. The review was attended by representatives from all project partners, plus external partners that have joined the project through its Open Call series.

FORGE has been a 3-year FP7 project, led by John Domingue from the Open University. The project has promoted online learning using Future Internet Research and Experimentation (FIRE) facilities and has developed a number of sustainable educational artefacts, including a variety of FIRE courses and widgets, an interactive eBook, and many more. The project has extended its outreach beyond the project consortium and the European borders by attracting several external partners that have deployed the FORGE educational artefacts in their teaching practices and have also contributed their own courses and widgets to the FORGE community. 

The FORGE work will continue through several new projects, including UP2U, HUB4FIRE, as well as the Open Blockchain initiative.

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