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Simon Knight joins Wikimedia UK Board

Simon Knight, Monday 09 December 2013 | Annotate

KMi PhD student Simon Knight was recently appointed to the Wikimedia UK (WMUK) board of trustees as a replacement trustee to serve until the next AGM. WMUK is the UK chapter of Wikimedia which organises Wikimedia activities (including Wikipedia editathons for example) in the UK.  He recently attended his first board meeting in Edinburgh where he took on the board liaison to the education committee role and became trustee on the grants committee. He's particularly looking forward to working with the community around education and technology issues, and the development of impact metrics.

 While in Edinburgh, Simon also visited the Extended Knowledge project based in the School of Philosophy. Researchers on that project are particularly interested in the epistemic implications of technologies, including in education, including questions such as "under what circumstances am I properly said to "know" the contents of my smart phone?". 

He also visited Sian Bayne and Jeremy Knox in Education, to talk about Code Acts - the impact of code, often unseen, on how we act, and of how we act on code itself. They're particularly interested in developing these ideas in the context of MOOCs and learning analytics; a definite shared interest with both me and the Extended Knowledge group!  Further seminars and meetings should arise from both these sets of connections.

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