Wedding Gift-Rap

Written for Carole Goble’s hen party @The First Summer School on Ontological Engineering and the Semantic Web 2003

Listen up people, lend me your ears
Profs and students and all other peers
Give your respect to the Queen of the Grid
Carole has decided to get herself hitched

Miss Semantic Grid as we know her
Has hooked the guy who can finally show her
The way to love, joy, and peace -- and remember
This is one meeting without an agenda

Sounds to us like a cool joint project
Lots of common ground, and tacit knowledge
But all the grid guys are grinding their teeth:
All they can do is wish and weep

Our lass Carole is a real jetsetter
Will marriage cramp her style, or will she just get better?
On the honeymoon she'll be writing a bid
The first four-poster on the Access Grid...

Remember Carole that fine semantics
Don't always cut it in marital antics
But it sounds like you got your ontologies mapped
(Had to say that coz it rhymes with rap...)

So what can we say but Go For It Girl!
This is better fun than XML
You already know where the Grid is heading
So y'all make some noise for a kickin' wedding!

- Professor Simon Buckingham Shum