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Yes, we can! - The CORE team organises a workshop at JCDL 2012 in Washington, DC

Petr Knoth, Monday 18 June 2012 | Annotate
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KMI and the European Library/Europeana jointly organised the 1st International Workshop on Mining Scientific Publications associated with JCDL 2012 - the most prestigious conference in the world of digital libraries. The workshop was attended by major players in the field including the National Library of Medicine, Library of Congress, CiteSeerX, Elsevier and British Library. Although Barack in the end didn't come, the workshop was very successful, the only problem being the lack of chairs in the room. We (the workshop organisers - Petr Knoth, KMi; Zdenek Zdrahal, KMI and Andreas Juffinger, The European Library/Europeana) were motivated by the positive response of the community to the importance of issues researchers face when mining research publications to improve the way research is carried out and evaluated. A paper authored by Drahomira (aka Dasha) Herrmannova and Petr Knoth (both KMI) entitled 'Visual search for supporting content exploration in large document collections' presented by Dasha during the workshop received encouraging feedback. Another KMI talk was given by Petr who discussed the issues in current digital library aggregation systems, especially those focusing on Open Access, and explained the advantages offered by the CORE system in a presentation titled "COnnecting REpositories (CORE): Aggregating and Enriching Content to Support Open Access." All papers presented at the workshop are available on the workshop web page below.

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