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Alexander Mikroyannidis presents SAGE-RAI at the 2024 Intelligent Tutoring Systems conference

Monday 17 Jun 2024

KMi’s Senior Research Fellow Alexander Mikroyannidis has given a presentation at the 20th international conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS2024). This renowned event addresses a wide range of Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) topics, including Computer and Cognitive Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, as well as Deep Learning in Tutoring and Education. ITS is evolving to a new concept...

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Empowering Innovation: Highlights from GenAI & Amazon Bedrock Immersion Day at KMi

Thursday 13 Jun 2024

On June 11th, KMi hosted the highly anticipated GenAI & Amazon Bedrock Immersion Day, a comprehensive, one-day event dedicated to exploring the transformative capabilities of Generative AI (GenAI) and Amazon Bedrock. With 18 attendees joining us in person and 2 participating virtually, the event was a remarkable success, offering a blend of hands-on learning, expert...


KMi Researchers Make Significant Contributions at ESWC 2024 Conference

Wednesday 12 Jun 2024

Doctors Enrico Daga, Francesco Osborne, Angelo Salatino, Prof John Domingue and PhD student Marco Ratta recently attended the 2024 edition of the Extended Semantic Web Conference, where they showcased their significant contributions to the field through various research papers and workshops as well as contributing to the leadership of the entire ESWC Community. Although Prof. Motta...

KMi’s Prof. Fernandez insightful presentation at WEBSCI’24: Tackling Misinformation Spread through Recommendation Algorithms

Monday 10 Jun 2024

Prof. Miriam Fernandez recently attended the prestigious WEBSCI’24, the 16th ACM Web Science Conference, where she presented her latest research paper titled “Analysing the Effect of Recommendation Algorithms on the Spread of Misinformation.” In the digital age, recommendation algorithms play a crucial role in shaping the information we see online. These algorithms are designed to...


Who/What/When is After AI? 

Wednesday 22 May 2024

On Friday May 17th, the Shifting Power team in KMi, alongside Dr. Justin Hunt from Queen Mary University and Arts Council England, and Dr. Ben Sweeting from the Radical Research Methodologies group at the University of Brighton, held an online post-disciplinary symposium on artificial intelligence. The “After AI?” Symposium used the concept of “after” as...

KMi celebrated Mental Health Awareness week! 

Mental health and wellbeing are vital aspects of our lives that often get overlooked in the hustle and bustle of our daily routines. During Mental Health Awareness Week, it’s an opportunity for us to reflect on the importance of taking care of our mental health and to explore the various ways we can maintain and...

KMi welcomes Vice Chancellor to sample our world-leading Research and Innovations

This past Wednesday The Open University’s Vice Chancellor (VC), Prof Tim Blackman, visited KMi marking a significant moment of recognition for the groundbreaking work being conducted by our dedicated researchers. The Vice Chancellor was shown many demos, posters and presentations on current projects, highlighting innovative advancements across various fields and success in external funding. From...


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