KMi invites external speakers to present their work to the lab. We also welcome approaches from researchers who are interested to present their work. Please contact either the KMi staff member who is working in your field, or the seminars coordinators: Angelo Salatino, Alexander Mikroyannidis, and Rachel Coignac-Smith.

Events take place at the KMi Podium (Berrill Building, 4th Floor North) unless otherwise stated.

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Maven of the Month

We are also inviting top experts in AI and Knowledge Technologies to discuss major socio-technological topics with an audience that comprises both members of the Knowledge Media Institute, as well as the wider staff at The Open University. Differently from our seminar series, these events follow a Q&A format.

Upcoming events

Future Events

Prof. Gary Burnett

Lectures in the Metaverse: Engaging University students socially within virtual worlds

For the last 3 years, Professor Burnett has taught Engineering and Computing students (presently 266 in total) about the Human Factors design issues for virtual reality from within a persistent virtual world. Teaching activities have included...

Presenter: Prof. Gary Burnett
Organisation: Loughborough University
Webcast time: 13:30
Webcast date: Wednesday 11 October 2023
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 Catherine (Kitty) Chisholm

Belief and Behaviour: How can Democratic Reflection increase the sustainability of belief change in working managers?

Belief in brain plasticity can lead to a growth mindset - a set of beliefs about the power to improve skills and capabilities through effort, persistence and the right strategies.  Based on the work of Carol S Dweck, it is generally...

Presenter: Catherine (Kitty) Chisholm
Organisation: Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University
Webcast time: 11:30
Webcast date: Wednesday 08 November 2023
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 Vaclav Bayer

Learning Analytics as a weapon in a fight against Awarding Gaps

In the ongoing quest for equitable education, the seminar "Learning Analytics as a Weapon in the Fight Against Awarding Gaps" will unveil a transformative exploration of Learning Analytics and its pivotal role in addressing the...

Presenter: Vaclav Bayer
Organisation: Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University
Webcast time: 11:30
Webcast date: Wednesday 22 November 2023
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Past Events

Not only enhance student engagement but also student employability skills and digital experience

Many university teachers have redesigned/reshaped their module structure and/or delivery process to enhance student engagement. However, this is a diverse and complex area and it seems to be the “Holly Grail” of education. The...

Presenter: Dr Maria Limniou
Organisation: University of Liverpool
Webcast date: Tuesday 19 September 2023
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Language Models for Citation Classification

Citation classification has been a research focus for several years, with the goal of identifying the author's citation intent by examining the text surrounding it. Due to the complexities involved in feature extraction, especially for...

Presenter: Miss Suchetha N. Kunnath
Organisation: Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University
Webcast date: Wednesday 13 September 2023
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CERSEI: Cognitive Effort based Recommender System for Enhancing Inclusiveness

Awarding gaps have been commonly observed between different socio-demographic categories of students, especially in the domains of sociology and learning science. Recent research in the context of OUAnalyse has shown that using Learning...

Presenter: Dr. Geoffray Bonnin
Organisation: Université de Lorraine
Webcast date: Wednesday 19 July 2023
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Learning analytics to provide enhanced feedback for students, teachers and learning designers

Analytics of student learning has the potential to positively impact various stakeholders in the educational environment and even reduce existing inequalities. Yet, much of the published research in this area focuses on factors like model...

Presenter: Dr. Martin Hlosta
Organisation: Swiss Distance University of Applied Sciences
Webcast date: Wednesday 14 June 2023
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Stressed at work? Can we support mental well-being at work with new technology?

Stress and related problems are a plague of the modern knowledge-intensive work life, many experience frequent or constant stress at work. Reasons range from hectic, uncontrollable workload to lack of support and recognition, to environmental...

Presenter: Dr. Julia Kantorovitch
Organisation: VTT Technical Research Center of Finland
Webcast date: Wednesday 24 May 2023
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