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AIMSA 2012 Keynote

John Domingue, Friday 14 September 2012 | Annotate
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Following the long association between KMi and the AIMSA conference series this week saw John Domingue give the conference’s opening Keynote. His talk titled “Linking Services and Linked Data” gave an overview of the results from the SOA4All, NoTube, VPH Share and PlanetData projects, illustrating how the spheres of Linked Data and services will be connected in the future to form a new global computing platform.
In particular the talk described how work on Linked Services integrates Web APIs and Linked Data facilitating the creation of applications which consume and produce Linked Data from online components. This work builds upon a number of KMi technologies including the Linked Data service repository iServe. The applications created thus far cover a number of diverse areas including: house hunting; a new approach to advertising within an online video context; easing car parking stress through a crowd-sourcing smart-phone App; and sharing human body processes with a view to creating patient avatars. New work with SAP aims to support the emerging Internet of Services through a Linked Data representation of a business level service description language.
The AIMSA conference series has provided a biennial forum for the presentation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) research and development since 1984. The conference, which is held in Bulgaria, covers the full range of topics within AI and associated disciplines and provides comprehensive forum for international scientific exchange between Central/Eastern Europe and the rest of the world.

For AIMSA 2012, there was a particular emphasis on the application and leverage of AI technologies in the context of knowledge creation and accessing, acquiring, and sharing to empower individuals and communities.

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