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Stefan Rueger visits Moscow for ECIR

Stefan Rueger, Friday 29 March 2013 | Annotate
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Stefan Rueger of KMi was invited on behalf of BCS Information Retrieval Specialist Group to visit the European Conference on Information Retrieval Research in March 2013 in his role as Programme co-chair and mentor in the conference's doctoral consortium.

ECIR is a strong going conference series under the umbrella of BCS and is now in its 35th year, the same length of time as its international sibling conference ACM SIGIR. It was the first time that ECIR was held in East Europe and the first time it was held in a country of the former Soviet Block. Stefan and his programme co-chair Jaap Kamps (University of Amsterdam) put together a strong programme of 30 papers and 25 posters from 287 submissions with the help of 37 Senior PC members and 192 reviewers. The 920 pages Springer proceedings also contained demo papers and a short overview of the workshops and tutorials organised alongside the main conference.

Stefan has been involved with the ECIR conference series for nearly a decade and organised it twice as General Chair before (2006 at Imperial College London and 2010 at The Open University).

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