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US/EU Future Internet Workshop in Leuven

John Domingue, Monday 18 November 2013 | Annotate
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The middle of October saw key invited experts from the US and Europe gather in Leuven to discuss the issues and design principles associated with the next generation global communications infrastructure. The meeting was hosted by the EU’s Future Internet Research and Experimentation (FIRE) Unit and was composed of EU Commission representatives, researchers leading strategic EU projects and US researchers involved in the Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI) initiative.
The workshop covered areas associated with the overall Future Internet architecture and APIs as well as resource description frameworks and the relationship between the next Internet and education. KMi’s involvement included an overview of semantics and Linked data for the resource description session and an outline of the research objectives associated with our new FORGE project, which KMi is leading and which will transform FIRE into a learning resource.
Two follow up actions which have emerged from the workshop which KMi are heavily involved are:
·      A new US/EU working group focussing on creating a global ontology for describing Internet resources, and
·      A successful application to co-ordinate a session at the next Future Internet Assembly which will take place in Athens in March, 2014. This session will be lead by John Domingue and is entitled: Beyond MOOCs: the Future of Learning on the Future Internet.

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