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Would you prefer to take a cold shower every day- or - shower only twice a week?

Kate Dungate, Tuesday 28 October 2014 | Annotate
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Comfort, well-being, safety… what really matters to us? How can we change our behaviour to mitigate climate change, but keep in line with our inner values?
The Daring Dilemmas on Facebook is a DecarboNet initiative of periodically launching intriguing questions to make people reflect upon and discuss habits and everyday choices - and how they may impact the environment.
This idea is based on The Commons Dilemma, a type of social dilemma first discussed in 1968 in the “Tragedy of the Commons” by Garrett Hardin. The dilemma is “whether to reduce their individual rates of consumption, sacrificing their own desires, freedom to consume, and perhaps personal well-being for the future of the group, or to continue using the resources at the same rate, risking the common pool” (Edney, 1980).
Together with WAAG Society and other DecarboNet partners, the KMi team is evaluating this approach to engage people with Energy Saving and Climate change issues, and invites to you to Like it, discuss the questions among your friends and have fun!

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