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OU staff find out about Knowledge Media

Kate Dungate, Friday 24 April 2015 | Annotate
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The Open University's Charter Day celebrations concluded with the Learn About Fair yesterday.

People from all over the OU found out more about a variety KMi projects, including Engage and EDV. It was a particularly good opportunity for the latter to showcase the Democratic Replay tool, as we quickly approach the UK General Election next month.

The two day fair was well attended and we exhibited to several VIP guests. Zdenek was pleased to discuss OU Analyse with Chancellor, Martha-Lane Fox, who showed a real interst in the work behind it. Members of MK:Smart were also given the chance to meet Vice Chancellor Peter Horrocks and Mark Lancaster, MP for North East Milton Keynes.

There was clear interest in our technologies from different faculties. We were approached about exhibiting our AR demo and CORE work at an OU conference in June. There was lots of interest in Paul Hogan's AR app promoting MK:Smart. Take a look at it in action in the photo gallery.

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Lucas Anastasiou Photograph

Lucas Anastasiou

PhD Research Student

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Harriett Cornish Photograph

Harriett Cornish

Graphic Designer

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Jaisha Bruce Photograph

Jaisha Bruce

Senior Administration Assistant

Drahomira Herrmannova Photograph

Drahomira Herrmannova

Research Associate

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Paul Hogan Photograph

Paul Hogan

Mobile Applications Developer

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Petr Knoth Photograph

Petr Knoth

Professor of Data Science

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Alexandra Okada Photograph

Alexandra Okada

Research Fellow

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Brian Pluss Photograph

Brian Pluss

Research Associate

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Nancy Pontika Photograph

Nancy Pontika

Project Officer - Open Access Aggregation

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Giuseppe Scavo Photograph

Giuseppe Scavo

Project Officer - Augmented Reality

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Jane Whild Photograph

Jane Whild

Administration Manager

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Annika Wolff Photograph

Annika Wolff

Research Associate

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Jakub Kuzilek Photograph

Jakub Kuzilek

Research Associate

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Zdenek Zdrahal Photograph

Zdenek Zdrahal

Emeritus Professor

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The world's largest collection of open access research papers

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Election Debate Visualization

The EDV Project will provide radically new ways for the public to replay the televised debates from the next UK general election

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Equipping the Next Generation for Active Engagement in Science


An innovation programme developing sustainable smart solutions for Milton Keynes

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OU Analyse

The OU Analyse project is piloting new machine learning based methods for early identification of students who are at risk of failing.

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