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The Open University and Cisco at the conference

Alexander Mikroyannidis, Monday 08 June 2015 | Annotate
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The 3rd Experiment@International Conference ('15) took place last week in the beautiful island of Sao Miguel in the Azores. This biannual conference is dedicated to online experimentation, providing a forum of discussion and collaboration between academics, researchers, web designers, K-12 teachers and industry, trying to bridge the gap between academic applications and results as well as real world needs and experiences.

The results of the ongoing collaboration between members of the Open University and the Cisco Networking Academy were presented at the conference. Alexander Mikroyannidis (Knowledge Media Institute) and Andrew Smith (Faculty of Mathematics Computing and Technology) from the Open University together with Nuno Guarda (Head of Corporate Affairs for Cisco in the UK and Ireland), presented the latest developments of transforming Cisco's Packet Tracer educational software into a web platform that can be accessed by any web browser, as well as embedded and used inside an online course or an interactive eBook. 

This work is funded by the FORGE project, as part of its initiative in driving and promoting the concept of experimentally driven research in education by using experiments as an interactive learning and training channel for both students and professionals.

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