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Augmented Reality on Show

Kate Dungate, Wednesday 15 July 2015 | Annotate
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Last week Mobile Applications Developer from KMi, Paul Hogan gave a 45 minute presentation on KMi’s work with Augmented Reality (AR) for visiting staff and academics from the Shanghai Open University at the OU's Business Development Unit (BDU).  

Paul’s work shows how you can use a printed image or 3D object as an AR "target" that your app uses as a trackable reference, over which it can display its augmentation. We've been using this technique for various purposes in the lab. For example, at KMi’s 20th celebration a 3D heart burst out of KMi t-shirts that beat along to the wearer’s own heart rate. 

Augmented Reality is central to the TELL ME project, in which it supports learning at a distance, and it is even a feature in The Open University’s prospectus (see image below).

Speaking through an interpreter, Paul displayed a number of AR apps. His captivated audience had lots to ask about the technique and how it can be manipulated for different purposes.

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