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5th ESWC Summer School 2015

Rachel Coignac-Smith, Tuesday 08 September 2015 | Annotate
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“Definitely would recommend ESWC Summer School not as a regular event you can visit, but as a unique part of my life”

Just a statement from one of our 24 students who attended ESWC Summer School in Kalamaki, Southern Crete last week. Prof John Domingue, Director of the School and President of STI International lead a very successful 5th ESWC Summer school with Dr Elena Simperl (University of Southampton) and a team of tutors who included KMi’s Allan Third.

The school, which was completely taught outdoors, combined a number of tutorials, hands-on sessions, a poster session and also a group mini-project to ‘prepare the next generation of young researchers in Semantic Web and Linked Data’. Highlights of the week included five fantastic and inspirational keynotes from both an industrial background, James Hodson and Chris Welty and also prominent figures in academia; Marko Grobelnik, Martin Hepp and Lora Aroyo.

Next year, the Summer School moves to Dubrovnik – look out for registration opening soon!

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