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The AFEL project Kicks Off

Mathieu d'Aquin, Friday 15 January 2016 | Annotate
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In December, the AFEL project had its first plenary meeting in the beautiful Museo Lázaro Galdiano in Madrid. The goal of AFEL (Analytics for Everyday Learning) is to develop methods and tools to understand informal/collective learning as it surfaces implicitly in online social environments. To achieve this, the project gathers a range of skills in a consortium funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme including experts in data analytics, interaction with data, cognitive models of learning and collaboration, as well as the developers of online social platforms.
The objective of the meeting was for this team, including people from 5 different organisations in 4 different countries, to start working together and plan the work to do. The first planned deliverable of the project is due very soon and regards dissemination and communication channels, but it will be quickly followed by key work on what is at the heart of any project on learning analytics: Data.
Setting up the data platform, tools to obtain and import data from online social environments and checking what is available under the hood of the GNOSS platform will be amongst our first tasks, to prepare for the more sophisticated aspects of analysis and modelling.

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