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The CSO Classifier nominated for the Best Paper Award

Angelo Salatino, Monday 16 September 2019 | Annotate
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Last week, Angelo was in Oslo for the 23rd edition of the International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries (TPDL2019). Every year, this conference attracts many researchers from all over the world, working in the fields of digital libraries, information retrieval, text analysis, web archives, and many others.

Angelo attended the conference to present his recent results on the CSO Classifier, an unsupervised approach for automatically classifying research papers according to the Computer Science Ontology. This work has been acclaimed by many attendees who showed interest, and engaged in offline discussions to understand further details about the project.

The paper was also nominated for the Best Paper Award. At the SKM3 team, we are extremely proud of this achievement as it shows how important is our research for the relevant communities of scholars.


More info and links:

Conference website:

CSO Classifier paper:

Computer Science Ontology Portal:

SKM3 team:



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