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Ada Lovelace Day Event at Somerset House

Namrata Londhe, Tuesday 14 March 2023 | Annotate
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On Monday, 13th March 2023 I attended an event hosted by the Kindness Studio to commemorate Ada Lovelace which was supported by the University of Warwick and The Alan Turing Institute. Lovelace, a 19th century mathematics, and computer science pioneer is celebrated globally as a role model for women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). In March 2022, a statue of Ada Lovelace was unveiled by St Edward in Millbank Quarter at the City of Westminster.

The event discussed how the sculpture could elevate woman progressing in STEM.

The event featured Mary & Etienne Millner (artists of the Ada Lovelace statue), Elisabeth Rounis (neurologist) and Aidan Meller (creator of Ai-Da). The Q&A informed the audience of the message and rationale of the Lovelace statue located in the Millbank Quarter development in Westminster. 

The event supplied an open network to speak on the struggles of women in the sciences. The outcome of this event was to promote creativity in art and science and encourage an open discussion on widening the door to gender inclusivity in STEM. The event launched at a time when, according to the UK education hub, women account for only 11.4% of STEM starts (2019/20).

By attending this event I learned about women’s progression in STEM, got networking opportunities with fellow women and got involved in a healthy and mindful discussion about AI technology. It was interesting to know that people are not just aware about but asking questions and exchanging ideas without any fear and trying to learn creativity through art and science and encouraging gender inclusivity withing STEM community.

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