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KMi's Knowledge Makers attended the MK Innovates Festival for the STEM

Nancy Pontika, Thursday 19 October 2023 | Annotate
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Last Friday, the Knowledge Makers from KMi were out in force at the MK Innovates Festival for the STEM in Schools Day. The makers group showcased an array of demonstrations ranging from innovative robots and intriguing puzzles to Lego and electronics projects.  


The spotlight however was undeniably on the 'Crack the code' challenge. This captivating contest had participants, young and old, wracking their brains to unlock a treasure chest teeming with chocolates and sweets. Throughout the day, hundreds of eager participants took their turn, hoping to decipher the code and claim their prize. It was truly wonderful to see clusters of children collaborating, their heads put together, pooling their collective knowledge to solve the puzzle. Their excitement was obvious (and loud!) when they successfully unlocked the treasure and shared the sweet spoils amongst themselves. Some even resorted to the age-old tools of pencil and paper in their quest for success. Seeing the tenacity and teamwork of the next generation as they worked together to solve the puzzle was a great reward in itself for the makers. Overall, an exhausting, fun and extremely successful day!  


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