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KMi at LAK15 - Poughkeepsie

John Domingue, Friday 27 March 2015 | Annotate
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A group of KMIers have just returned from the 5th ACM Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK) conference, this year held in Poughkeepsie, New York. 

Zdenek Zdrahal, Martin Hlosta, and Jakub Kuzilek were attending to present work on OU Analyse, which as well as attracting interest from participants was highlighted in OU PVC Belinda Tynan's keynote talk on Thursday.

Duygu was presenting her PhD work on the Xerox Incremental Parser (XIP) and Simon his work on epistemic-commitments in information seeking tasks (video of extended talk at Rutgers the following week to follow).  Simon also co-organised a workshop on the Temporal Analysis of Learning Data - It's About Time - proceedings pieces for the short paper and workshop are on ORO.

Beyond KMi (and of course, ex-KMIer Simon Buckingham Shum) the OU was very well represented, with (Best Paper Award recipient) Sharon Slade from the Business School; Bart Rienties, Rebecca Ferguson, and Denise Whitelock all from IET; and head of Analytics Kevin Mayles with PVC Belinda Tynan. This year's conference included a number of talks considering both institutional issues in developing analytics strategies, and research around discourse-centric learning analytics: both areas well represented by the OU.

Check out the papers in the proceedings, and get your train tickets early for a local LAK16 in Edinburgh!

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