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SOA4All and Service Web 3.0: Creating a Web of Billions of Services.

John Domingue, Tuesday 22 January 2008 | Annotate
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Emerging technologies such as the Semantic Web, SOA, and Web 2.0 will transform the Internet from a network of information to a network of knowledge and services. The number of services which will be offered on the Internet is expected to rise dramatically in the next few years as will the amount of collaboratively shared data. KMi Deputy Director Dr John Domingue and his research group are happy to announce the kick-off of two recent EU FP7 projects which address these emerging developments by significantly advancing the current state of the art in the fields of Semantics, SOA and the Web. Both projects, SOA4All and Service Web 3.0, will significantly contribute to the ongoing evolution of the Web by developing the standards and technologies which enable the dynamic deployment and consumption of services at web scale. The SOA4All ( consortium - comprising 17 leading partner institutions from academia and industry including IBM, SAP, and the Universities of Innsbruck and Manchester - aims at improving the state of the art in Service-oriented Architectures to enable the service-oriented paradigm to be deployed on a web-scale and will kick-off in March 2008. In addition, the recently started FP7 Support Action project Service Web 3.0, driven by the Open University, the Semantic Technologies Institutes International (STI2), University of Poznan (Pl), and University of Innsbruck, provides the framework to support Services science by bundling standardization activities, coordinating research clusters and organising research events following the vision of transforming the Internet from a network of information to a network of knowledge and services. The OU's work will be based around KMi's semantic web services platform IRS-III.


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Creating a Web of Billions of Services

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Service Web 3.0

Coordinating the research, standardization, and dissemination activites creating the internet of billions of web services.

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Internet Reasoning Service (IRS)

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