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Professor of Computer Science and Society
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My research specialisation is in Computational Linguistics and Data Science, with a focus on communicating complex data and making information and data (particularly telemetric data) accessible through text analytics, summarisation, reformulation and natural language generation. I have a particular interest in Citizen Science, and in particular, technologies that break down the divide between professional scientists and lay public and facilitate the meaningful engagement of the public with science.

Keys: Natural Language Generation, Citizen Science, Data Analytics, Language Technologies, Artificial Intelligence

Team: Phillimon Mumba, Stefan Rueger, Nirwan Sharma, Kevin Swinton, Kai Waddington


24 Nov 2020

13 Jul 2020

14 Nov 2019

08 Mar 2019

27 Feb 2019

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Peng, X., Zheng, Y., Lin, C. and Siddharthan, A. (2021) Summarising Historical Text in Modern Languages, Proceedings of the 16th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics

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Anderson, H., Robinson, A., Siddharthan, A., Sharma, N., Bostock, H., Salisbury, A., Roberts, S. and Wal, R. (2020) Citizen science data reveals the need for keeping garden plant recommendations up-to-date to help pollinators, Scientific Reports, 10, 20483, Nature Publishing Group UK

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Siddharthan, A., Ponnamperuma, K., Mellish, C., Zeng, C., Heptinstall, D., , A., Benn, S. and Wal, R. (2019) Blogging Birds: Telling informative stories about the lives of birds from telemetric data, Communications of the ACM, 62, 3, pp. 68-77, ACM

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Sharma, N., Colucci-Gray, L., Siddharthan, A., Comont, R. and Wal, R. (2019) Designing online species identification tools for biological recording: the impact on data quality and citizen science learning, PeerJ, 6:e5965, pp. 24 pages

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Sharma, N., Sam, G., Colucci-Gray, L., Siddharthan, A. and Wal, R. (2019) From Citizen Science to Citizen Action: Analysing the potential of a digital platform to create new environmental subjectivities, Journal of Science Communication, 18, pp. 1-35, SISSA Medialab

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