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Agnese is a PhD Student at the Knowledge Media Institute (KMi), the Open University, UK. Her research focuses on combining Knowledge technologies with Machine Learning to enhance the robots' ability to assist humans on their daily tasks. Specifically, she is interested in how robots can visually learn how to build a model of their environment and maintain it over time. Recently, she was part of the organising team of the 1st International Robotic competition to be held in a shopping mall (the 2019 SciRoc Challenge). Agnese received her M.S. in Information Sciences and Technology from the Pennsylvania State University.

Keys: Robotics, Computer Vision, Semantic Mapping, Lifelong Machine Learning, Information Retrieval, Knowledge Management

Team: Gianluca Bardaro, Jason Carvalho, Enrico Daga, Enrico Motta


24 Sep 2019

09 Jul 2019


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Hoque, M., Bradley, D., Kwan, C., Chiatti, A., Li, J. and Wu, J. (2019) Searching for Evidence of Scientific News in Scholarly Big Data Searching for Evidence of Scientific News in Scholarly Big Data, pp. 251-254, ACM Press

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Chiatti, A., Bardaro, G., Bastianelli, E., Tiddi, I., Mitra, P. and Motta, E. (2019) Exploring Task-agnostic, ShapeNet-based Object Recognition for Mobile Robots, Workshop: Data Analytics Solutions for Real LIfe APPlications (DARLI-AP) at EDBT/ICDT 2019 Joint Conference, Lisbon, Portugal

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Bardaro, G., Semprebon, A., Chiatti, A. and Matteucci, M. (2019) From Models to Software Through Automatic Transformations: An AADL to ROS End-to-End Toolchain, Third IEEE International Conference on Robotic Computing (IRC), Naples, Italy

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Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher

Knowledge Media Institute (KMi)
£45,463 per year plus allowances
Based in Milton Keynes
Full-time, Fixed-term contract for 36 months

The Knowledge Media Institute invites applications for an Early Stage Researcher to work in the area of bias in Artificial Intelligence. The researcher will work within the interdisciplinary...


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