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I work on MKInsight, a challenging project with the goal of simplifying the access to data produced by a smart city. My research addresses three main topics: urban data analysis of civic/urban open data, geographical exploration through in map-based web applications, and crowdsourcing of urban activities. I'm also engaged in the technical support of SMEs for the CityLabs project.

Keys: Urban Informatics, Smart City, Maps

Team: Lucia Lupi, Enrico Motta




14 Mar 2019



Vignale, F., Benatti, F. and Antonini, A. (2019) Reading in Europe - Challenge and Case Studies of READ-IT Project, DH2019, Utrecht, Netherland

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Lupi, L. and Antonini, A. (2019) City Planning and Web-based technologies: misalignments, convergences, and potential future directions, 16th International Conference on Computers in Urban Planning and Urban Management, Wuhan, China


Antonini, A., Benatti, F., King, E., Vignale, F. and Gravier, G. (2019) Modelling Changes in Diaries, Correspondence and Authors' Libraries to support research on reading: the READ-IT approach, Workshop: Open Data and Ontologies for Cultural Heritage (ODOCH'19) at CAiSE '19, Rome, Italy


Antonini, A. and Lupi, L. (2019) Developing a meta-language in multidisciplinary research projects: the case study of READ-IT, Workshop: W14: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Exploring the Intersection of Philosophy and HCI at CHI 2019, Glasgow, UK

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