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Annie Brooking has been working in the high technology industry for over 20 years. During that time she has held a number of academic and commercial positions an overview of which is presented below. Annie is an authority on increasing corporate net worth in software companies through development of intangible assets.

She is the author of the first book on Intellectual Capital and an emerging series of books published by International Thompson on the subject of intangible assets, two of which are currently published, "Intellectual Capital - Core Asset for the Third Millennium Enterprise" and "Corporate Memory - Strategies for Knowledge Management".

Currently Annie is working on her third book, "Dream Ticket", which outlines how companies whose major assets are intangible, such high technology companies, can both plan for and increase their net worth, then measure the likelihood of achieving their corporate goals. As the Dream Ticket methodology is predictive, it enables companies to evaluate their corporate strategies in the light of ever changing market, organisational, human and intellectual property resources and then decide how these resources need to grow and change.

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A Taxonomy of Intellectual Capital and a Methodology for Auditing It
Techreport ID: kmi-96-01
Date: 1996
Author(s): Annie Brooking and Enrico Motta

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