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My PhD research was in the Semantic Web field, focusing on Ontology Evolution starting from domain data. The aim was to decrease user involvement during the process of ontology evolution, through the reuse of various sources of background knowledge. I was also working on modeling and publishing linked data within http://data.open.ac.uk

Keys: Semantic Web, Linked Data, Ontology Evolution, Background Knowledge, Knowledge Reuse, Knowledge Acquisition, Networked Ontologies








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Zablith, F., Fernandez, M. and Rowe, M. (2015) Production and consumption of university Linked Data, Interactive Learning Environments, 23, 1, pp. 55-78

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Zablith, F., Antoniou, G., d'Aquin, M., Flouris, G., Kondylakis, H. and Motta, E. (2013) Ontology Evolution: A Process Centric Survey, The Knowledge Engineering Review

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Motta, E., Mulholland, P., Peroni, S., d'Aquin, M., Gomez-Perez, J., Mendez, V. and Zablith, F. (2011) A Novel Approach to Visualizing and Navigating Ontologies, International Semantic Web Conference, ISWC 2011, Bonn, Springer-Verlag

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Zablith, F., d'Aquin, M., Brown, S. and Green-Hughes, L. (2011) Consuming Linked Data within a Large Educational Organization, Workshop: Second International Workshop on Consuming Linked Data (COLD) at International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC), Bonn, Germany

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d'Aquin, M., Zablith, F. and Motta, E. (2011) wayOU -- Linked Data-Based Social Location Tracking in a Large, Distributed Organisation, Demo at 8th Extended Semantic Web Conference

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Evolva: Towards Automatic Ontology Evolution
Techreport ID: kmi-08-04
Date: 2008
Author(s): Fouad Zablith

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Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher

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The Knowledge Media Institute invites applications for an Early Stage Researcher to work in the area of bias in Artificial Intelligence. The researcher will work within the interdisciplinary...


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