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Holliman, R., Davies, G., Ford, D., Russell, M., Steed, A., Brown, H., Pearson, V., Collins, T., Stutchbury, K., Squires, A., Scanlon, E., Whitelegg, L., Ansine, J., Braithwaite, N., Swithenby, S., Dommett, E., Sumner, J., Lee, C., Kendall, J., Green, P., Sharp, D., Bullivant, M. and Hawthorne, P. (2018) Engaging Opportunities: Connecting young people with contemporary research and researchers., The Open University

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Holliman, R., Davies, G., Pearson, V., Collins, T., Sheridan, S., Brown, H. and Russell, J. (2017) Planning for engaged research: a collaborative 'Labcast'., in eds. Natalia Kucirkova, Oliver Quinlan, The Digitally Agile Researcher, pp. 88-106, Open University Press

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Holliman, R., Adams, A., Blackman, T., Collins, T., Davies, G., Dibb, S., Grand, A., Holti, R., McKerlie, F. and Wissenburg, N. (2015) An Open Research University

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Software Developer (Grade 6)

Knowledge Media Institute (KMi)
£27,511 - £32,817
Based in Milton Keynes
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