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I joined KMi in Sept 2010 after studying for a Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Sheffield. My research interest is largely concerned with the Semantic Web and how information across the Web can be represented in a common, machine-readable format. My other research interests include disambiguation, the Social Web, machine learning and identity.

Keys: Semantic Web, Social Web, Machine Learning





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Saif, H., Fernandez, M., Rowe, M. and Alani, H. (2016) On the Role of Semantics for Detecting pro-ISIS Stances on Social Media, Poster at The 15th International Semantic Web Conference, Kobe, Japan

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Rowe, M. and Saif, H. (2016) Mining pro-ISIS radicalisation signals from social media users, The 10th International Conference on Web and Social Media

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Rowe, M., Stankovic, M. and Dadzie, A. (2015) #Microposts2015 - 5th Workshop on 'Making Sense of Microposts': Big things come in small packages, 24th International Conference on the World Wide Web Companion (WWW'15 Companion), Florence, Italy

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Dadzie, A., Rowe, M. and Stankovic, M. (2014) Guest Editorial, Special issue of the Semantic Web Journal on the 'Semantics of Microposts', Semantic Web Journal, 5, 5, pp. 337-339

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Rowe, M., Stankovic, M. and Alani, H. (2012) Who will follow whom? Exploiting Semantics for Link Prediction in Attention-Information Networks, International Semantic Web Conference, Boston, US

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