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Software developer working primarily on collective intelligence, knowledge mapping, and blockchain technologies.

Keys: Java, Php, HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, MySQL, Ethereum, Solidity, RDF


13 Jul 2018

03 Nov 2016

01 Nov 2016

03 Oct 2016

29 Sep 2016

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Mikroyannidis, A., Domingue, J., Bachler, M. and Quick, K. (2018) A Learner-Centred Approach for Lifelong Learning Powered by the Blockchain, EdMedia: World Conference on Educational Media and Technology, Amsterdam, Netherlands, pp. 1403-1408, Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE)

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Jan, Z., Third, A., Ibanez, L., Bachler, M., Simperl, E. and Domingue, J. (2018) ScienceMiles: Digital Currency for Researchers, Workshop: 3rd International Workshop on Linked Data and Distributed Ledgers at The Web Conference, Lyon, France, International World Wide Web Conferences Steering Committee, kmi Member Submission

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De Liddo, A., Buckingham Shum, S., Quinto, I., Bachler, M. and Cannavacciuolo, L. (2011) Discourse-centric learning analytics, LAK 2011: 1st International Conference on Learning Analytics & Knowledge, Banff, Alberta, Canada

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Okada, A., Buckingham Shum, S., Bachler, M., Tomadaki, E., Scott, P., Little, A. and Eisenstadt, M. (2009) Knowledge media tools to foster social learning, in eds. Stylianos Hatzipanagos and Steven Warburton, Handbook of Research on Social Software and Developing Community Ontologies, pp. 357-380, 2009 IGI Global

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Bailey, H., Bachler, M., Buckingham Shum, S., Blanc, A., Popat, S., Rowley, A. and Turner, M. (2009) Dancing on the grid: using e-science tools to extend choreographic research, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 367(1898), pp. 2793-2806, The Royal Society

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Tech Reports

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Memetic: An Infrastructure for Meeting Memory
Techreport ID: KMI-06-02
Date: 2006
Author(s): Simon Buckingham Shum, Roger Slack, Michael Daw, Ben Juby, Andrew Rowley, Michelle Bachler, Clara Mancini, Danius Michaelides, Rob Procter, David De Roure, Tim Chown, Terry Hewitt

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Sensemaking Tools for Understanding Research Literatures: Design, Implementation and User Evaluation
Techreport ID: kmi-05-09
Date: 2005
Author(s): Victoria Uren, Simon Buckingham Shum, Michelle Bachler, Gangmin Li

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