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I am a researcher interested in topics including Computational Linguistics, Information Retrieval and Digital Libraries. I am also an Open Access enthusiast - believing in free access to knowledge for everybody. I acknowledge the necessity of migrating towards better research practices and criticise narrow-minded methods for evaluating research excellence.

I have been involved as a researcher and as a PI in a number of European Commission, national and international funded research projects. I am the founder of the CORE system and have worked as the lead architect, developer and manager for the CORE family of projects.

Keys: Text Mining, Information Retrieval, Automatic Link Discovery, Aggregations, Big Data and Cloud Computing, Open Science, Open Access

Team: Lucas Anastasiou, Matteo Cancellieri, Drahomira Herrmannova, Dominika Koroncziova, Samuel Pearce


26 Aug 2014

19 Aug 2014

11 Jul 2014

11 Jul 2014

01 Apr 2014

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Pontika, N., Cancellieri, M., Knoth, P. and Pearce, S. (2015) Fostering Open Science to Research using a Taxonomy and eLearning Portal, i-Know - 15th International Conference on Knowledge Technologies and Data Driven Business. 21 - 22 October. Graz, Austria.

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Herrmannova, D. and Knoth, P. (2015) Semantometrics: Fulltext-based Measures for Analysing Research Collaboration, Poster at ISSI 2015, Istanbul, Turkey


Herrmannova, D. and Knoth, P. (2015) Semantometrics: Fulltext-based measures for Analysing Research Collaboration, 4th Workshop on Mining Scientific Publications (WOSP) at the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL) 2015, Knoxville, Tennessee, US

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Knoth, P. and Herrmannova, D. (2014) Towards Semantometrics: A New Semantic Similarity Based Measure for Assessing a Research Publication's Contribution, D-Lib Magazine, 20, 11/12, Corporation for National Research Initiatives

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Kats, P., Knoth, P., Mamakis, G., Mielnicki, M., Muhr, M. and Werla, M. (2014) Design of Europeana Cloud Technical Infrastructure, Poster at Digital Libraries (DL 2014), London, United Kingdom

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