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Systems & Network Administrator
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I am the Senior Systems & Network Administrator in the KMi Systems team.

Working under the KMi Chief Technology Officer, I am responsible for the architecture and implementation of server-side lab and associated project requirements which are hosted by KMi.

My team and I oversee KMi's server and systems infrastructure, including management of the department's VMware ESXi estate, the physical server estate (including multiple hardware brands and components), it's storage (management via a virtualised fibre SAN), network topology & associated security, backup and server / application monitoring.

I oversee the management of each server's OS and application-level services hosted at KMi. These include Linux (primarily Red Hat and Ubuntu) and Windows Server editions. I am responsible for the managed services that my team delivers the KMi lab, including areas of the application architecture (i.e. web, database, file and computational services).

My role spans many projects that KMi supports, including OU Podcasts / iTunesU, CORE, OUAnalyse and MK:Smart in addition to many others, all of which utilise various technologies to achieve their bespoke requirements.




16 Oct 2015

22 Jun 2015

23 Feb 2009

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