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Probabilistic Methods for Data Integration in a Multi-Agent Query Answering System

This report describes the progress that has been achieved during the second

year (full time equivalent 1 July 2006 - 1 July 2008) of our Ph.D. research. All

the work has been built upon the achievements of the first year and confirmed

that the original research objectives were correctly identified at the beginning

of the research. We have successfully participated in the Ontology Mapping

Evaluation Initiative 2006 and 2007 (2008 ongoing activity), which provided a

qualitative comparison of our and other ontology mapping systems. Further it

created a possibility to identify our future research work that needs to be

carried out in order to achieve our original research objectives that were set

out in the formal Ph.D. research proposal. The organization of this report

corresponds to original research proposal. The last section describes the

thesis outline.

ID: kmi-08-05

Date: 2008

Author(s): Miklos Nagy, Maria Vargas-Vera, Enrico Motta

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